Hey iPhone, How drunk am I?

Hey iPhone, How drunk am I?


It’ll probably be a few years before we’re able to have our phones determine our blood alcohol levels. It’ll probably be a few more years that your phone can smell how much alcohol is on your breath and as you’re attempting to call that horrible whore of an ex informs you, "I’m sorry Josh, I can’t let you do that".

In the mean time, did you know that there are programs out there for your phone to help you calculate just how sloppy you really are?

The apps store yields no less than 6 results for BAC Calculator. Some of them are free, all are under $5.

Some are very rudimentary where you just fill in some fields, others have a lot more pizzazz. You can specify what kind of drinks, how much alcohol/volume they have, and you can keep track of not only your drinking but your friends too.

DrinkBuddy ($4 from the app store) is one of these programs. It’s gotten great reviews, and is very entertaining after a night of drinking. Obviously, the biggest challenge is making sure to count every drink, because as the number grows, so does the likelihood of forgetting to add it!

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